Monday, 12 September 2011

Vivian Maier's bathroom/darkroom

One thing we said we would like to do once we got our own place was to build a home darkroom. Whilst I am at college this is not so much of an issue - they have plenty of equipment to use free of charge & there is always somebody about to give you advice on any issues. But this summer, with college closed & no access to a darkroom, it showed me just how difficult it would be for me to practice after next year. Looking at the prices for having films professionally developed & printed are quite simply extortionate. I don't understand how people can afford between £17 - £35 ... per 120 film (Kodak prices). I would much rather do it myself anyway. So now I have 3 or 4 rolls sitting around, waiting to be developed next week. I really didn't take as many photographs as I had planned to this month. I like to shoot, process & analyse before I move on to the next roll - to see where I am going wrong, figure out any hitches with the camera & so on, before I continue shooting blindly. But from now on I have no time for such cautiousness. So I will read every book I can find on the subject & start saving small bits of money to accrue the necessary equipment   


alice gordon said...

it's not too expensive to get yourself set up. the worst part is restocking chemicals, i've had trouble getting them delivered before and they can be quite pricey. but keep an eye out for enlargers on ebay, every now and again somebody sells a job lot of everything, trays and all. it's totally worth doing.

Kate said...

oh hi! I didn't see this comment before now, sorry. I know that I can get the equipment for quite cheap, it's just the chemicals I can't afford. Gumtree has had a few bits, but still, I have so little money nowadays that it's a one-day dream. for now college will have to do. x

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