Thursday, 1 September 2011

Photograph by Francesca Woodman

Project panic has officially set in. Two weeks left until we return to college; two weeks to find the theme in my pieces that will tie the whole thing together. The brief set for us claims we need no conclusion, but at the same time, I need a path to follow for my brain to work effectively.

Autumn is in the air; our apples are almost ripe (such satisfaction is gained from the simple act of having an apple release itself from the tree into the palm of your hand with no resistance) and pies and chutneys are already being made, our basil is sprouting incredible smelling leaves, the baby corn has grown to past my hip and I just discovered blackberries & raspberries twisting their way through our hedge. Oh, how I love this little house & our garden. 

A few of the books I have been reading recently:
Amazon links for reference - buy independent // visit the library ♥
(Ok, so I first mentioned this book months ago, but I can never resist loaning it out again)


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