Friday, 15 July 2011

As much as I adore our new house and wouldn't want to leave Alfred whilst he is settling in (he's getting cheekier by the day!), plus the fact that I have no money whatsoever, I really want to go on a little trip. Just a few days out of Leeds- I always feel more refreshed and inspired to work after a small break. I have been finding it difficult to put any of my recent ideas into action & maybe some foreign surroundings would do me some good. I want to go to Amsterdam again and walk down the canals, craning my neck to look up at all the wonky old merchant houses, stopping to take pictures every two minutes. Visit the cat boat sanctuary, where you pay a donation & play with the rescue cats (I really want one of these awesome shirts), visit the Foam photography gallery, spend hours browsing through fancy art books that I can't afford, eat tasty/cheap falafel and Wok to Walk box meals, visit a few of my favourite stores (including & especially this one) and sit in an old bar sipping beer, watching the cyclists fly past, hands free, looking super stylish.

Ah well. Here's to wishing.

Instead I think I will read my books (I have three on the go at once), play with Alfred, learn to make dyes out of onion skins, sew sew sew & make a tasty dinner. Oh, and Paris in September! A break to look forward to.

One of my favourite photographs ever, from our travels last year

my sweetheart, Amsterdam


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