Monday, 11 July 2011

Say hello to Alfred!
This beautiful tabby cat will be coming to live with us tomorrow. So excited to give such a sweet little cat the life he deserves! Alfie was abandoned by his original owners and left homeless for more than six months, before being fostered & nurtured back to health by the wonderful Ray of Hope animal rescue. We took a little trip to the pet hotel (!) he was staying in today (here he is, on his cat house), and though he was obviously perturbed by the excitable poodles-on-heat in a nearby kennel & therefore a little bit grumpy, we fell in love with him.
Counting down the hours til he arrives!

My Love For You // Lisa Congdon

The ever-inspiring contemporary arts blog my love for you is a stampede of horses, curated by Megan O'Toole, have began recording a series of podcasts, the latest of which features awesome illustrator Lisa Congdon. You can listen to it here & add it to your iTunes library/iPod for free.)

Belly of Flea

More awesome organic/earth-friendly news from Allyson Mellberg Taylor & Jeremy Taylor: The impressively productive sweetheart-duo recently set up an Etsy shop where they are selling their handmade inks & paints, made from materials that won't cost the earth. In their own words:

Here at Belly of Flea Inks & Paints, we are committed to producing sustainable and non-toxic professional grade artist water media. We use organically home grown pigments. We also use organic plant, insect, and genuine earthen and mineral pigments to help fill in the gaps of what we cannot grow in the Belly of Flea mini-farm. We are dedicated to making safe art supplies that have little impact on the earth. We use recycled packing materials whenever possible and print all of our tags/labels on FSC Certified, recycled paper.

Handmade Watercolor Set of Four Halfpans
Belly of Flea Handmade Watercolor Half-pans
Visit the shop & swoon over their gorgeous packaging & if you can, buy a little something to support them. I have so much respect for what these guys are doing.
walunt ink
Belly of Flea Flickr


Rosy Smith said...

Alfred looks super! i can't wait to rescue a kitty and make them happy! x

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