Tuesday, 21 June 2011

new brief: summer project 2011

Francesca Woodman - untitled bird study

Now that college is over until September we have been given a small project to complete over the Summer months. This will provide us with background research for our first module in the new term and keep us developing our skills/training our gaze during the break. I thought I would share the basics of the brief here so that if anyone reading this blog feels a little stumped for inspiration/needs a creative-unblock exercise/would like a Summer project but isn't quite sure what, might like to use it too.

Summer Project 2011.
Develop a series of exploratory works and/or test pieces in 2D and 3D form.
The themes to combine for this project are:
1. A piece of text- a passage from a favourite book, poem, lyrics, play or film script etc.
2. At least one piece of 2D or 3D Art/design work from an exhibition, craft fair, fashion show etc to reference/study. Introduce some of it's qualities into your own investigation.
3. A personal/public space or place. Investigate, document and record it.

These sources are spring boards for inspiration; what do they suggest? Make you feel? There is no wrong way of doing this project. We would like to see examples of non-traditional and found materials being used, which may be combined with more traditional artists materials.
Research // Document // Evidence

I am really excited to get a new brief & feel like something really interesting could come of this... yet also feel a little overwhelmed by it. Right now I am just reading it over & over, keeping an eye out and waiting for inspiration to strike.


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