Tuesday, 28 June 2011

as part of our course we are encouraged to visit the degree courses end-of-year shows, as a means of helping us decide which course we ourselves may go on to study and also just to see some interesting pieces. there were so many amazing displays I can't show them all (especially the Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern show- I think I walked around with my mouth hanging open a lot of the time), but here are a few favourites.

Ginger Nut Millinery, bespoke hats by Susanne Guthrie

Rosemary Milner
Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern

Becky Hodgson
Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern

Andy Jones
Visual Communication

Lucy Fudge
Fine Art

Hannah Jordan - FE - sketchbook detail

plenty of inspiring pieces! the quality of some of the work really was incredible.

in other news: this week & last I have been baking cupcakes & learning how to make sushi, roasting sunflower, sesame & pumpkin seeds in soy sauce (sooo tasty!), dismantling my exhibition piece & re-painting the walls, itching to take & process some photos - but alas, no darkroom over the summer! (massive disappointment), acquainting ourselves with the neighborhood cats, painting, drinking coffee, listening to the radio & Richard started our small vegetable patch with some baby corns kindly gifted from my dad & his partner. nice times.


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