Monday, 11 April 2011

Recent times: I have been adoring the work of Eliot Lee Hazel (see above image), developing my first roll of medium format film (8 fuzzy exposures, of a possible 16...but they are there! I was so sure there would be nothing at all), drinking green Duvel at my new favorite bar (favorite because of the good beers & the fact nobody I know other than my sweetheart drinks there), wishing for a new house in a new city & a real, fresh start; visiting the abandoned children's home again, feeling uninspired/unmotivated/ill for a large part of the week, but luckily this has waned with excitement for Paris on Wednesday!

I also developed a roll of 35mm and did a quick print of one of the exposures from my 120 film. I will post it when I have worked on it further; it is most definitely not perfect but for my first attempt I am pretty happy with it.


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