Monday, 27 December 2010


‘Unified through farce and folly’ at East Street Arts (Patrick Studios)

Our professional practice group recently had the chance to visit East Street Arts' Patrick Studios. We were really lucky to get to see some incredible artists studios, and it really made me think about how important it is to have a space that feeds your creativity- some studios were neatly organized with kettles & teabags & cushions; another covered wall to floor in canvas and oil paint, the strong smell of linseed oil lingering about the place; another beautiful little space was absolutely crammed with everything and anything you could imagine- huge religious votives, photographs stuck to every inch of the walls, tea cups, boxes piled high- so much so that about four of you could stand together, touching, and it felt like the air supply would soon run out. It would be a dream to work in a space like that, but for now I would take any old room with a desk, as I am increasingly finding working on a bed is not always conducive to my creativity.

We also got to view the current group exhibition, Strife, by final year Fine Arts undergraduate students from York St John University. It was really interesting to hear a couple of the members of the group talking about collaborative work processes & the problems (of which they experienced many!) that arise when differing ideas and visions are forced to come together in one space.

I took a few photos...

Amy Ward
Hanging Toward
black & white photographs 6" x 4"

Kirsty Boutle
Doing Ones Utmost to Recount the Inexplicable;
Philosophies of Art and Boutle

mixed media on paper

Marianne Warner
Different Class
mounted photograph print approx. 594 x 420mm

Beth Nicholls
colour photograph 297 x 210cm

Lisa-Marie Ryan
50 Secrets
wood, magnifying glass, cubes 1x1x1 (cm)

I can't find the information for this piece! If you know, please tell me who it was by.
This will teach me not to write information on tiny scraps of paper.

I also found this on East Street Art's Flickr page; our group viewing the exhibition.

to find out more about all the amazing things ESA do, visit their website.


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